Design support

In addition to our standard components, we also market customer-specific products for a wide range of different applications. This resulted in valuable know-how for tasks that were becoming ever more complex and for intelligent problem solutions.

From our many years of experience in the development and production of electro-mechanical components such as rotary code switches and dual push-button switches, micro-switches, voltage dividers, pluggable PCB connectors, miniature keyboards and slide switches, we have the necessary in-house expertise for future innovative products or services.

Benefit from the beginning from our 50 years of experience in the field of electro mechanical components. We will provide you with optimal support in the development, construction and production of your specific electromechanical solution.

Here we show you just a few examples of our many customer projects:

Customized Light pipes

Together with our standard light pipes for front panels we design and produce customer specific light pipes. For these light pipes light guides are integrated into polycarbonate bodies. The form of these polycarbonate bodies and the required light path is defined by the design of the customers application. The designer exactly specifies the area that is supposed to emit the LED light. The LED light must neither shine beyond the specified area nor overlap or mix at the boundaries. To meet these requirements of our customers we use 3D-CAD-systems as well as computer aided tools for the 3D simulation of light paths, i.e. raytracing. Our service includes consultancy in dimensioning and design of the light pipes as far as tool design and production of tools and parts.

Customized Actuators for Rotary Code Switches

Together with our standard actuators we design and produce many customer specific actuators. That can be disks with screw driver slots to increase clearance and creepage distance from front panel to PCB. There are also spindles and knobs in different lengths, to extend the actuation level, in different colors and materials, e.g. for reflow soldering.

Customized Product Design

Very often we support customers in complex design projects. Here we offer not only a combination of our products, e.g. micro switches and PCB terminals, but the complete range of capabilities we have: starting from design of the product and layout of PCB, to PCB assembly and delivery of the complete product.