DH2 01

Products // Rotary code switches // DH2 01 Thumb Wheel Switch 10 positions

  • Thumb wheel switch for slim DIN-rail housings
  • For right and left hand side PCBs
  • Diameter 12 mm
  • Width 3.3 mm
  • SMT-pinning
  • lateral C-contact
  • More versions on request

Reflow solderable thumb wheel switch for mounting in slim housings. It is especially designed for adressing in BUS- and wireless-applikations. The thumb wheel is permanently connected to the rotary code switch and it makes adjustments and legibility of the rotary code switch very easy.

Mechanical Data

Diameter without operating crown 12.00mm
Width 2.9mm
Fixation mode SMT
Pin connection 3+3
Perm. ambient temperature -50...+125°C
Perm. storage temperature -55...+135°C
Positions per rotation 10
Torque initial min. 0.7Ncm
Mech. lifetime 2 500 steps
Humidity 21 days at 40°C, 93%RH
Reflow soldering 10s/260°C

Electrical Data

Operating voltage ≤ 42V
Contact load, static ≤ 0.4A
Contact load, dynamic ≤ 0.1A
Minimum load 1µA20mVDC
Test voltage 250V 50Hz/1min
Contact resistance < 80mΩ
Insulation resistance > 100MΩ