Products // ST190/..-5.75.V-PT..-SMD for KNX-Applications

  • Suitable for Reflow-Soldering
  • Automatic insertion (tape-on-reel)
  • 2 and 3 poles
  • Space-saving: back of circuit board can be used for additional components, no need for additional drill holes on the circuit board
  • Various pin lengths are available
  • Can be combined with KNX connectors of various manufacturers

KNX applications in home, building and system technology. The pins of the ST190 are positioned by means of a carrier pad at a spacing clearance of 5.75 mm. As the carrier pad is made of high-temperature proof material and isdesigned as a pick-and-place pad, the ST190 can be used in the reflow soldering process (see illus. 2). After soldering, remove the carrier pad from the pins – only the optimally-aligned pins remain on the circuitboard. By using the SMT pins, there is no need for drill holes on the circuit board, so the back of the circuit board can be used for other components.

Technical Data

Wire sizes    
Solid - -  
Stranded - -  
Stranded with Ferrule - -  
Solder-PAD Diameter 2.75 mm  
Contact Pin Copper Alloy  
Insulating Material    
Material PPS  
Flammability Class UL 94 V-0  
Operating Temperature -40 °C - 105 °C  
Store Temperature -40 °C - 105 °C  
  Wave Soldering Process Reflow Process
Soldering Temperature, recommended - 217 - 245 °C
Peak Soldering Time, recommended - 60 s

Electrical Data

Electrical Data    
Supply Voltage 29 V (30 V)  
Current 6 A