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  • Short, compact size
  • Board-to-board contacting
  • For use in charging units

Battery probes - also known as inteface pins - are used everywhere it is necessary to charge rechargeable batteries of mobile equipment such as scanners, card readers, communication devices etc. In many cases, they are also used to connect two PCBs.

Electrical Data

Max. current rating 3.5A
Typ. resistance <20mΩ
Nominal voltage acording UL 1977 150 V DC
Nominal voltage acording UL 1977 100 V AC


Pitch 2.54mm


Housing Brass, gold plated
PAD-contact Brass, gold plated
Test probe block HT-Plastic UL 94 V-0

Other Data

Reflow soldering profile
Preaheating phase Temperature T1 180°C
Preaheating phase duration t1 <240s
Soldering phase temperature min. T2 217°C
Soldering phase temperature max. T3 245°C
Soldering phase duration t2 <60s
Sinus Vibration testing acc. IEC 600068-2-6
Shock testing acc. IEC 60068-2-27