• Push-In connection
  • 6.2mm width and up to 5 terminal connectors
  • Continuous bridging with insulated jumper combs on all models
  • Solder-free PCB contacting
  • Plug-In section for changeable components such as Small Relays
  • Easy removal of the changeable module by an ejector

A complete DIN-rail housing with integrated connection technology and solder-free PCB contacting. Combining terminal connection, solder-free PCB contacting and bridging contacts in only one component minimizes contact resistance. With solder-free PCB contacting there is no need for time consuming manual soldering, wave soldering or expensive use of soldering robots. Applications can be found in industrial and building automation, signal converters or over voltage protection. Height on DIN-rail TS35 under 80mm allows use in field distributor boxes especially for building automation applications.

Technical Data

Wire sizes    
Solid 0.25 mm² - 2.5 mm²  
Stranded 0.25 mm² - 2.5 mm²  
Stranded with Ferrule 0.25 mm² - 1.5 mm²  
Stripped Length 8.0 mm  
Solder Tab Copper Alloy  
Clamp Spring Stainless Steel  
Insulating Material    
Material PA 6.6  
Flammability Class UL 94 V-0  
Operating Temperature -30 °C - 105 °C  
BLUE GREY, similar RAL 7031

Electical Data *

Electical Data *
Overvoltage Category III III II
Pollution Degree 3 2 2
Rated Impulse Voltage 4.0 kV 4.0 kV 4.0 kV
Rated Voltage 250 V 320 V 630 V
Rated Current 6 A 6 A 6 A
  * Data similar to EN 60664-1. Values apply to flush assembled devices.