Product Overview

Rotary code switches

Hartmann Codier rotary code switches offer highly modern technology for industrial application. Robust contact pins with pure tin plating guarantee a trouble-free assembly and safe bonding with all standard soldering materials. Due to the abrasion-resistant hard gold plating on the contacts, contact resistances remain low and constant. Switches with both 3+3 and 4+1 connection systems can be supplied with various control elements.

DIP switches

As an alternative to rotary code switches, DIP switches can be supplied in various sizes, spacings and number of poles, with THT or SMT pins

Slide switches

This series comprises miniature slide switches that can be used as ON/OFF switches or as changeover switches. The switches are a high-end alternative to jumpers, but can also be used as address or code switches in applications that require only a limited number of settings.

Tact switch

Tact switches for different applications with horizontal and vertical actuation in all established sizes. Available for Reflow- and wave soldering with different pin designs. More varieties are available on request.


The LED elements and light pipes for front panel assembly comply with the relevant standards of industrial electronics DIN 41949. The display elements for THT or SMD configuration can be supplied in various versions with 3 or 5mm LEDs. Light pipes for front panel assembly are available with different mounting options. Customer specific designed light pipes are available as well.

Micro switches

Micro switches, also called snap-action switches, can be supplied in designs A, B and D of DIN41635. Micro switches are used predominantly as limit switches. The snap-action switches are available as NC-, NO and changeover contacts with various actuating forces and switching capacities.

Switches and Jacks

Toggle switches and push-button switches, as well as switch jacks for front panel assembly comply with the relevant standards of industrial electronics, DIN 41494.

Dual Push Button Switches

Dual push-button switches can be chosen from six basic series. From the smallest dimension of 15x6mm to the largest, 33x8mm, the dual push button switches can be supplied with the standard codes and with 10 or 16 switch positions.

Terminal blocks

The PCB terminal blocks provide all the standard connection principles and spacings. The print terminals are suitable for a broad connecting range.

PCB connectors

PCB connectors are available in many variations, all standard connection principles and in different spacings.

Pin Header

Pin headers are available in many variations and in different spacings.

Interface Pin Blocks

Battery probes - also known as interface pins - are used everywhere it is necessary to charge rechargeable batteries of mobile equipment such as scanners, card readers, communication devices etc. In many cases, they are also used to connect two PCBs.

Integrated Connection Technology

The integrated connection technology includes electrical contact technology directly into the end product. is connection elements in which the PCB is connected directly by means of a plug-in connection. There is no need for time-consuming manual soldering, or for the expensive use of a soldering robot. Combining wire connection technology with solder free PCB contacts and jumper contacts in one device reduces electrical resistance.