Tact switches

We are happy to announce a considerable extension of our product range. With immediate effect Hartmann Codier offers a wide range of tact switches produced in our Chinese factory.

In this wide product range every type has a variety of options, e.g. the classic 6x6mm tact switch is available ex factory with 35 (!) different knob heights.

For easy product determination we have defined 10 product groups that are reflected in the order codes:

THC Classic: switches with 6x6mm and approx. 3,5mm height
THL Large: switches with 12x12mm
THS Small: switches with 4,5x4,5mm
THP Low Profile: switches with approx. 2mm height
THU Ultra Low Profile: ultra low profile switches with 0,5 to 1,6mm height
THF Special Function: waterproof and dustproof switches
THR Rectangle: rectangle switches
THB Beetle: small switches with horizontal actuation
THV Vertical Double: switches with two actuators and two circuits

Here you can find all available tact switch types as well as technical data and the product configuration tool. With this product configuration tool you can define the order code for the switch version you need.