New Dip-Switch Portfolio

We have completely revised our product range of DIP-Switches.

Besides a wide range of "large" standard switches with 2.54mm pitch we also have some very interesting switches with 1.27mm pitch, e.g. the halfpitch piano D16ASP with SMD-pins and the two ultra flat versions D15AS and D15AJ with 2.3mm height only.

A very special function comes with D14AT and D14AS: Tri-state. Here the pins of the back row can be switched from home position (0) to the left (+) or right (-) front row pin. You will find the DIP-switch families D11B, D11C, D11D and D11E quite cool. They can switch 2 to 4 Pins: Double Pole-Single Throw, Triple Pole-Single Throw, Quattro Pole- Single Throw.