Integrated Connection Technology

The new INS/INM-series offer complete DIN-rail housings with integrated connection technology and solder-free PCB contacting.
What is the benefit?
A wire connection integrated into the DIN-rail housing saves space, especially in width, because there is no double insulation housing necessary.
The wire connection element contacts directly, i.e. solder-free, with the SMD-assembled PCB. So there is no need for soldering to connect the PCB with the terminal, which saves assembly time of manual soldering, wave soldering or soldering robots.
Integrated Connection Technology offers multi-function housings with 6.2mm and 17.5mm width. The function of the end device is determined only by the PCB assembly.
INS260-series with 6.2mm has 6 wire connections in Push-In or screw connection and various opening options for LED-prisms or switches. INS250 (6.2mm width) comes with a plug-in section for changeable modules and 5 Push-In or screw connection terminals.
With 17.5mm width INM-series offers up to 12
Push-In or screw connections. It can be fitted with two PCBs, e.g. for physical separation of function and supply unit in EMC-applications. Fitted with one PCB only, components up to 11mm height can be assembled.
Ideal applications for Integrated Connection Technology are industrial and building automation, signal converters and over voltage protection. Height on DIN-rail TS35 is under 80mm. This allows the use especially in field distributor boxes of building automation applications.