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Normally Closed Push Button Switch – Anti-Tampering Switch

For every company offering smart metering applications or other "official" measuring items anti tempering is an issue... read more

Tact switches - Very flat, very small and waterproof

Our new tact switch families THU12U and THU13U will work well with new kinds of applications.… read more

SR254 - New Slide Switches with THT and SMT Pins (Kopie 1)

Hartman Codier presents a new product range of slide switches: SR254… read more

LHA21 - Light pipe element with push-fit peg

For many years we have been successfully selling LED-Elements with wired LEDs. With LHA21... we introduce light pipes with push-fit pegs for easy PCB assembly. read more

Thumb Wheel switch with 32 positions

Our thumb wheel product range now has another interesting member. DH5 with 32 positions is ideal for setting addresses or parameters in slim housings, e.g. DIN-Rail housings. read more

Customized Light Pipes

Together with our standard light pipes for front panels we design and produce customer specific light pipes. For these light pipes light guides are integrated into polycarbonate bodies. read more

DH1 03 - Thumb wheel switch with 16 positions

And here is another version of our well known DH1-family:
the 16-position, Hex-coded DH1 03.
read more

Thumb Wheel Switch for DIN-Rail housings with 6.2mm

Hartmann Codier's portfolio of thumb wheel switches now comes in three different sizes: 6mm for DH1 with operating crown, 5mm for DH1 without operating crown, 3.3mm for new DH2 without operating crown read more

Waterproof Micro switches

Hartmann Codier introduces a new series of micro switches. MWZ1 is a size B design according to DIN 41635 (19.8mm length) and suitable for dusty and wet environment. read more

Rotary Code Switch with 32 positions

Hartmann Codier now offers a rotary code switch with 32 positions: P56SMT163 read more

Special Function Dip Switches

In its wide DIP-Switch product range Hartmann Codier offers a very special function switch: Tri-state. On switches of D14AT and D14AS series the pins ...

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Switching Multiple Poles per Throw

Hartmann Codier also offers some DIP-switch families that you might find quite interesting. These DIP-switches can switch 2 to 4 pins per throw:

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New Dip-Switch Portfolio

We have completely revised our product range of DIP-Switches.Besides a wide range of "large" standard switches with 2.54mm pitch we also h ...

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LHA2000 - Light pipe element for front panel assembly

For many years we have been successfully selling LED-Elements with wired LEDs. With LHA20... we introduce light pipes substituting 26-45.. and 26-03..

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Tact switches

We are happy to announce a considerable extension of our product range. With immediate effect Hartmann Codier offers a wide range of tact switches p ...

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Integrated Connection Technology

The new INS/INM-series offer complete DIN-rail housings with integrated connection technology and solder-free PCB contacting.

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