An overview of our services

Development and design

As the manufacturer of rotary code switches and micro-switches, all our competencies for the development and manufacture of our products are in-house. Our development department is specialized in the development and construction of switches. The fields of product, manufacture and tool construction work closely together here. Due to our outstanding product knowledge, we are in a position to develop both standard switches and customized, customer-specific products at short notice.

Tool- and mold making

A further contribution to the high quality of Hartmann Codier rotary code switches is provided by our own toolmaking department, which is designed both for the manufacture of new tools and for the continual overhaul and repair of our injection molding tools. This also puts us in a position to be able to react flexibly to customer requests and find customer-specific solutions.

Precision injection molding

We are in a position to process not only technical plastics, such as PA66, POM, PPO, PBT, PPT, ABS and PC, but also high-temperature materials, such as LCP, PPS and sPS. In particular the absolute tight molding of metal parts and lead frames with fully automated machines and in-line camera monitoring are one of our specialist competences. Through our modern, networked CAQ quality control system in the molding department, in which on each layer an employee continually performs spot checks on the injected plastic parts, we monitor the high quality and precision of our plastic injection mold parts.

Series assembly

Every year we deliver millions of products to the electro-technical industry all over the world. Automatic function controls are directly integrated into our automated production with fully and semi-automatic machinery. This means that every single product is inspected to see that it functions properly.


If cleanness is essential in the production process, ultrasound and lasers form suitable production equipment. We attach plastic parts to each other for the most part using ultrasound, through which we achieve an outstanding seal, known throughout the entire market. Labeling by laser provides a permanently resistant printed area.

OEM Asia

Through our worldwide presence within the Phoenix Mecano AG group we are also able to deliver components from Asian suppliers at short notice. These components are subject to the Hartmann Codier quality requirements and are tested by our quality assurance department.