產品展示 // 按钮和指示灯 // LHA21 Light pipe element with push-fit peg for front panel assembly

  • Light pipes with round displays
  • For SMT-LEDs
  • With push-fit peg for PCB assembly
  • With one or two light pipes
  • Housing provides exact mounting position to front panel
  • Housing prevents irradiation
  • Substituting LED-Element 26-45.xxx

The light pipe element LHA21 can be used to replace LED-Elements of 26-45 series.SMT-LEDs have to be assembeled with reflow soldering.The light pipe element has to be mounted on the PCB after reflow soldering, the light pipe element can be assembled on the PCB, fixed by the push-fit peg.


LED-长度 max. 3.0 mm
LED-宽度 max. 3.0 mm
LED-height max. 1.0 mm
LED-种类 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 
Perm. 环境温度 -40 °C ... +85 °C


静电释放保护 10.0 kV


Light Pipe PC UL94V0